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French National 07.-08.04.2007 in Cérilly

Pictures from our easter holiday to the French National in Cérilly. The entry of 323 aussies was judged by Mrs Sheila Polk, Tri-Ivory aussies, USA (intermediate, open and champions) and Mrs Loes Mouchart from Netherlands (puppies, juniors and veterans). Photos are by Taija Tanner, Heidi Andersson and Eric Planchon.

Hanna, Taija and the dogs in Cérilly at the show ground.

Thyra, Drover's Crown Jewel posing in Sweden at Brahehus castle ruins by lake Vättern on our way down to France.

Thyra looking down to the lake Vättern.

Shannon des Chemins Cathares liked also the wiev.

Gösta, Drover's Attent'n Please standing inside of the castle ruins.

Drover's Attent'n Please in the ring.

Brown Sugar Morwhit from Italy and Drover's Attent'n Please.

The show place in Cérilly.

Herding instinct test.

Our gang in Cérilly.

res.CAC male Drummer Boy van Nattrekja from Belgium.

exc3 in open males Apocalyp's Xtrem du Domaine de Baronniere.

exc1 in champion males Urban Blue Vinyl des Chemins Cathares.

exc2 in champion males V'Lakota Tatanka du Magicien d'Oz.

exc3 in champion males Tucker des Chemins Cathares.

exc4 in champion males Propwash Airborn at No Shatsuko.

Mother and daughter, CH Tres Colores Gabrielina and LVW-07 Drover's Crown Jewel chilling on grooming table.

Thyra, Drover's Crown Jewel doing her own business.

exc1 in intermediate bitches A Pretty Little Ditty de l'Oree des Charmois.

Some open bitches: Sally des Chemins Cathares, Sweet Emotion by Calais Carolina, The Only Blue Girl de Mauristasia and Tres Colores Gabrielina.

Tres Colores Gabriliena.

Drover's All Eyes On Me.

res.CAC bitch Crazy Chica van Nattrekja from Belgium and CAC Isiwun Red Nex.

exc1 in champion bitches Raven des Chemins Cathares.

exc2 in champion bitches Zizanie des Forces Vives from Belgium.

exc3 in champion bitches That's All Folks des Chemins Cathares.

exc4 in champion bitches Shannon des Chemins Cathares.

Some champion bitches: Piperitapatty from Italy, Raven des Chemins Cathares and Shannon des Chemins Cathares.

BIS and CAC male Tanais Soft Black de Mauristasia and BOS Isiwun Red Nex.

BIS and CAC male Tanais Soft Black de Mauristasia and BOS Isiwun Red Nex.

Best breeders group the Nattrekja from Belgium.

Group of reds from des Chemins Cathares.

Group of blue merles from Chemins Cathares.

Gösta travelling back to Finland on a German motorway.

Thyra thinks she might return to France one day.

Our camping chalet in Belgium.

After the show weekend an aussie is full of energy like Thyra in this photo taken in Belgium.

Thyra and Gösta.

Thyra, Gösta and Pinja.

Thyra, Gösta and Pinja.

Thyra, Gösta and Pinja.