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It's a dogs life

25.12, Dogs got something from Santa. Ansa and 6 months old Thyra having fun with the new toy.

25.12, Ansa is so proud of her "catch".

25.12, Ansa.

25.12, Ansa seems to think that no aussie kid is going to take this from me!

11.03, Ready, set, go: Ansa, Pinja, Helli and Gösta having fun on a walk.

11.03, Gösta and Helli.

21.02.2006, Ansa.

20.02.2006, Ansa.

19.02.2006, Pinja and Ansa.

25.12.2005, Ansa on a walk in the forest.

27.11.2005, First snow came on 26th Nov. Pinja and Gösta don't notice that Ansa is planning an attack!

27.11.2005, Loppan and Ansa watching what the Aussies are doing.

27.11.2005, Still beautifull Loppan at nearly eight years old.

27.11.2005, Loppan being cute as can be.

27.11.2005, Ansa.

Loppan having a nap.

Ansa and her new favourite toy, the 3 meters long teddy-anakonda.

18.02, Ansa, Pinja, Gösta and Loppan.

27.01.05, Ansa and Loppan.

27.01.05, Loppan.

27.01.05, Ansa and Pinja.

27.01.05, Ansa and Loppan.

26.12.04, The foursome sitting pretty after having some fun in the snow: Loppan, Pinja, Ansa and Gösta.

26.12.04, Ansa.

26.12.04, Ansa.

25.12.04, Ansa, Pinja, Nuppu and Helli.

25.12.04, Ansa catching up Pinja.

25.12.04, Nuppu, Helli and Ansa.

14 months old OES Ansa had been doing all the tricks she can to catch Pinja's attention without any success. Finally she jumped to sit on top of Pinja who was sleeping on the couch. Still no respons for poor Ansa.

A walk in Långvik 23.10.04: "Nuutti", "Ansa" and "Helli".

"Helli" does not recognize that "Ansa" who is running behind her noticed something called "Nuutti" hiding in the bushes.

Wonder what the threesome is planning to do next...

It surtainly seems like "Helli" and "Nuutti" have plans to get "Ansa" in the sea!

Oh my goodness - it's wet in here! Is that the Monster of Loch Ness or "Ansa"?

Långvik 23.10.04, in the beginning of the walk there are some clean and dry dogs running around: "Nuutti", "Helli", "Ansa" and "Nuppu".

Best buddies, 11 months old "Ansa" and "Gösta" 5 months.

"Ansa" chewing "Pinja's" ears.

Three littersisters having great time together at the age of 7 months. Fr. left: "Ansa", "Helli" and "Kerttu".

9,3 years old "Hjalmar" is giving a kiss to 6 months old "Ansa".

It's hard to famous. "Matilda" is nursing "Pinja" while "Ansa" is chewing "Pinja's" ear.

Four tired dogs after a walk. "Matilda" 11,8 years, "Loppan" 6 years and "Ansa" and "Tilda", both 4,5 months old.

At full speed, "Ansa" and "Pinja" followed by "Loppan" and "Helli".

"Ansa", "Ellu" (Czarlinda's Heaven Sent), "Pinja", "Helli", "Loppan", "Matilda" and "Tilda".

A break for posing during a walk. "Pinja", "Matilda", "Loppan", "Ellu" (Czarlinda's Heaven Sent), "Nuutti", "Helli". "Tilda" and "Ansa" sitting in front of "Pinja".

21.02.04. "Ansa", "Loppan" and "Tilda" on a walk in the forest.

"Ansa" and "Helli" having fun together at 3,5 months.

23.01.04, a walk in the beautiful winter forest, "Loppan" 6 years and "Ansa" 3,5 months waiting us to catch them up.

04.01.2004,Puppy meeting for the puppies who live nearby us from our V-litter. Fr. left Sami with "Vertti from Raisio", Susanna with "Lily", Heidi with "Helli", Matti, Oskari, Riitta with "Kerttu" and Taija with "Ansa". In front of Matti is Lauri with "Lilja" whos owner could not stay for the meeting and Jussi with "Pinja".

Best buddies, the Aussie Pinja and Ansa, three months.

29.09.2003, Loppan and Pinja marching on causeway in Hanikka, Espoo.

29.09.2003, Loppan and Pinja posing in front of an ancient grave in Hanikka , Espoo.

29.09.2003, evening sun shines behind Loppan and Pinja in Hanikka, Espoo.

11-years old Matilda stealing candies in front of our eyes.

Hjalmar, Loppan and Domino taking care of their teeth by eating bones.

Loppan catched in a doggiebed where she never sleeps.

The girls: Domino and Matilda, at their 11th birthday.

The girls: Domino and Matilda, 10 years 11 months, having a nap together.

Matilda, 10 years 9 months, taking a nap.

Loppan on a spring walk in March -03.

Who could resist this face! Hjalmar, the greatist egoist in the world, watching TV with Satu.

Matilda's beauty sleep at 10,5 years.

Thw whole gang on a walk, October -02.

A long walk in the forest, October -02.

Loppan is making sure that the car won't leave without her.

Loppan and Pinja having some fun on a field.

Hjalmar is chasing Pinja.

The watchdogs.

Loppan loves to lie in hot sauna.

Drover's Unique Surprise "Kamu" enjoying agility.

Squirrel hunting

Taija and Loppan watching TV

Loppan on her favourite place

Loppan lying on stairs

Hjalmar relaxing as he always does

Matilda sitting on a chair

Domino watching a cake slice

Forest football

Winter fun

In Monaco 1995

Guess how many dogs?

Two sleeping bobtails

Dirty foursome

Matilda and Orwell

Sessi and Orwell

Orwell watching TV

Orwell between shows

Dogs in rain

A day in a show is long...

On a peer

Mantas 13th birthday


Joonas pulling sledge

On a windy evening