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14.06.2009 Riga Int'l/Latvia, BOS and new C.I.B. CH Drover's Verbal Acrobat. The judge is Mr Philip John, India.

19.04.2008 Harstad Int'l/Norway, BOB CH Drover's Verbal Acrobat. The judge is Mrs Leni Finne, Finland.

23.02.2008 Bö i Telemark Int'l/Norway, BOB INT CH Drover's Very Best. The judge is Mrs Agnes Ganami, Israel.

27.01.2008 Turku Int'l, BOB INT CH Drover's Very Best. The judge is Mrs Marja Talvitie, Finland.

29.07.2007 Vantaa, fr. left: BOS Sweet Expression's Hole In One and BOB INT CH Drover's Very Best. The judge is Mrs Susan Badick, Canada.

02.06.2007 Tallinn Int'l/Est, BOB and a new EST CH ESTW-07 Drover's Very Best. The judge is Mrs Brigita Kremser, Slovenia.

18.03.2007 Riga Int'l/Latvia, BOB and a new INT & LV CH LVW-07 Drover's Very Best. The judge is Mrs Gunnel Holm, Finland.

14.01.2007 Lahti, BOB and a new CH Drover's Verbal Acrobat. The judge is Mrs Marja Talvitie, Finland.

13.08. Oslo Int'l, Norway, BOS CH Drover's Visual Effect and BOB CH Danish Delight Give Me a Break. The judge is Mrs Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Germany.

14.05. Hamina, New Champion and BOB Drover's Visual Effect.

18.03.2006 Tampere Int'l, Drover's Very Best BOS. The judge is Mrs Beryl Hession, Australia.

23.10.2005 Seinäjoki, Drover's Very Best BOB. The judge is Mrs Jaana Hartus, Finland.

16.10.2005 Rakvere, Estonia, Drover's Verbal Acrobat BOB.

11.09.2005 Pontoise, France, Drover's Very Best BOB. The judge is Mrs Janette Larive, France.

28.08.2005 Heinola, Drover's Visual Effect BOB. The judge is Mr Harry Tast, Finland.

24.07.2005 Vantaa, Drover's Visual Effect BOB on a very windy day. The judge is Mrs Marja Talvitie, Finland.

Panelia 16.07.2005, Finnish Bobtail Club's specialty, Sweet Expression's Dashing Drover BOS under Mr Steve W Hall, Shenedene OES, England.

Helsinki Int'l 22.05.2005, Sweet Expression's Dashing Drover BOB under Mr Kari Järvinen, Finland.

Hamina Int'l 21.05.2005, Sweet Expression's Dashing Drover BOB under Mr Joao Vieira Lisboa, Portugal.

Lahti Int'l 23.04.2005, Drover's Visual Effect winning BOB under Mrs Elena Ruskovaara.

Lappeenranta 27.03.2005, Drover's Very Best winning BOB under Mrs Jaana Hartus.

Turku Int 29.01.2005, Drover's Very Best winning BOB under Mr Miklos Levente, Hungary.

Kouvola 28.08, Ch Drover's Unique Fenfire BOB under Mr Peter Flynn, Australia.

Tervakoski 22.08, Multi Ch Multi W Drover's Snow Princess going BIG 2.

Pori Int'l 31.07, Four beautiful bitches from Drover's making the 4th best breeders group in the show. Fr. left: Multi Ch Multi W Drover's Snow Princess, CC-winning Drover's Visual Effect, Drover's Very Best and CH Drover's Unique Fenfire.

Mäntsälä 11.07, Drover's Visual Effect going BOB-puppy under Mr Davor Javor, Reata's OES, Croatia.

Espoo 03.07, OES specialty, Drover's Visual Effect going BIS-puppy under Mr Claude Ritter, Ebonyivory OES, France.

Helsinki INT 22.05, INT CH MULTI W Drover's Snow Princess pictured as Group 4th.

Helsinki INT 22.05, fr.left BOS CH Handsome Sirius from Beautiful Highland and BOB INT CH MULTI W Drover's Snow Princess with the judge Mr Kari Järvinen.

Lahti INT 25.04, FIN CH Drover's Unique Fenfire pictured as BOS with the breed judge Mr Ian Smith, Ronndal OES, New Zeeland.

Lappeenranta 12.04, Multi CH Multi W Drover's Snow Princess pictured as BIG 3.

Tampere Int'l 20.03.04, Multi CH Multi W Drover's Snow Princess pictured as BOS. On the left is the Breed Winning male, new Int Ch Grey Coat's ZZ Top'n Eacy. The judge was Mrs Margaret Everton from Great Britain.

Stockholm Int'l 13.12, NORDW-03. Multi CH Multi W Drover's Snow Princess pictured as BOS and new NordW-03. The judge was Mr Ole Staunskjaer from Denmark.

Petäys 09.08, OES specialty. CH Bab at the Bowster's Superdrover pictured as BIS over an entry of 53 dogs. Satu is handling and behind is also Nuppu's co-owner Heidi Andersson who is responsible of Nuppu's always so superbly conditioned coat. The judge for this specialty was Mrs Eleanore Singer, Enchant OES, Austria.

Mikkeli Int'l 26.07. Bab at the Bowster's Superdrover going BOB and gaining her title. The judge was Mrs Soile Bister.

Dortmund World Dog Show 01.06. Multi Ch Multi W Drover's Snow Princess going Exc 3 in champion bitches. The judge was Mr Luis Pinto Texeira, Port.

Tampere Int'l 15.03. Bab at the Bowster's Superdrover going BOB with CC and CACIB at the age of 20 months. The entry of 20 OES's was judged by Mr Walter Schicker, Germany.

Stockholm Int'l 08.12.02, the Swedish Winner-show. BOS with the title SW-02 to Loppan aka INT, FIN, S, N, DK CH FINW-00,-01 NW-02 SW-02 Drover's Snow Princess. The judge was Mr Conny Byström from Sweden.

Oslo Int'l 10.08.02. BOB + BIG 3 and the last CACIB to new INT, FIN, S, N, DK CH FINW-00,-01 NW-02 SBIS Drover's Snow Princess. The judge for the day was Mrs Ulla Eriksson of Crony's rough collies, Sweden.

Mäntsälä 14.07.2002 was a great day for Multi CH Drover's Snow Princess as she went all the way to BIS 5. The photo is taken after her group win under Croatian Zlatko Kraljic.

Multi CH Drover's Snow Princess going BOB at Finnish Bobtail Club's specialty in Virkkala 16.06. The judge was Mrs Joyce Crawford-Manton, Scallywag OES, Ireland. There was an entry of 39 OES.

Lahti Int'l 28.04.02. Drover's Unforgettable going BOS and gaining her Finnish and Swedish titles. The judge is Mr Åke Cronander, Sweden.

Pori INT 28.07.01 BIG 1 FIN, S, DK, N CH FINW-00,-01  Drover's Snow Princess. The judge was Mr Pedro Sanchez Delerue,  Quinta D'Abroeira OES, Portugal.

Tuusula NORDW-show 13.07.01, Drover's breeders group  was placed BIG 5 under Mrs Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. Dogs fr left  are: CH Snow Princess, CH Unique Fenfire, Unforgettable ja CH Take My  Word.

Finnish Bobtail Clubs specialty in Espoo 07.07.01. BIS  FIN, S, N, DK CH FINW-00,-01 Drover's Snow Princess and BOS FIN, EST  CH FIN OBCH Drover's Right on Target. The judge was Mrs Charlott  Sandberg, S.

FIN, S, N, DK CH FINW-00,-01 Drover's Snow Princess  BOB+cacib at Helsinki Int'l 27.05.01. The judge was Mr Miguel Angel  Martinez, Arg.

CH Drover's Snow Princess BIG 4 Varkaus 13.05.01.

FIN, S, N, DK CH FINW-00,-01 Drover's Snow Princess  BOS at Helsinki Int'l 03.12.00 under Mrs Ferelith Somerfield, GB.

The progeny group of FIN, S CH Drover's Read My Lips  was placed as BIG 4 at Helsinki Int'l 03.12.00. Judge in group was Mr  Michael Mc Carthy,Irl. Dogs fr left are: FIN CH Drover's Special  Edition, FIN, S CH Drover's Take My Word, FIN CH Old Cobbler's  Bodylanguage ja FIN, S, DK, N CH FINW-00,-01 Drover's Snow Princess.

INT, FIN, S, DK CH Shaggybob's Balloo Ribbons progeny  group was placed as BIG 3 in Hämeenlinna 27.08.00. Dogs fr left are::  CH Drover's Ultima Thule, Drover's Unforgettable, INT CH Drover's  Quite the Best ja CH Drover's Upon Request.

INT, FIN, S, DK CH Shaggybob's Balloo Satin winning  BIS veteran at Mäntsälä 02.07.00 under Seamus Oates, Irl.

Finnish Bobtail Clubs specialty 01.07.00, judge was Mr  Davor Javor, Reata's OES, Croatia. BIS INT, FIN, S, DK CH FINW-99  Drover's Quite the Best and BOS+BISvet INT, FIN, S, DK CH Shaggybob's  Balloo Satin.

INT, FIN, S, DK CH FINW-99 Drover's Quite the Best BIS  3 at Kotka 04.07.99. BIS judge was Mr Kari Järvinen.

INT, FIN, S, DK CH FINW-99 Drover's Quite the Best 2nd  Best Male and reserve world champion at the World Show in Helsinki  12.06.98. The judge was Mrs Marisa Brivio-Chellini, I.

FIN, S CH Drover's Read My Lips BIG 1 at Karjaa  05.07.98 under Mrs Soile Bister.

Drover's Read My Lips BOS+cc at Tampere 02.11.97 under  Mr Pedro Sanchez Delerue, Quinta D'Abroeira OES, Port.

INT CH Drover's Roll Those Dice BIS and INT CH  Drover's Quite the Best BOS at Finnish Bobtail Clubs specialty  02.08.97 under Mrs Ulrica Göransson, S.

FIN, S CH Drover's Quite an Honour BIS at Östersund  13.07.97. The handler is his owner Mrs Chatrin Fundin.

INT CH Drover's Or Nothings progeny group winning BIS  at Helsinki July -97. All the dogs in his group are champions.

INT CH Drover's Quite the Best winning BIS 3 at  Helsinki -97. The judges were Mr Carlos Fernandez Renau, E (breed),  Mr Peter Harsanyi, Hun (group) and Mr Hans Lehtinen (BIS).

BIS breeders group at Rauma -97 under Mrs Ritva Raita.  Dogs fr left are: Pure Dynamite, Prince Charming, Proper Princess ja  Quite the Best, all champions.

INT, FIN, S, DK CH Shaggybob's Balloo Ribbon BIG 2 at  Helsinki 07.09.96. Breedjudge was Mrs Gwen Mogford, Salceris OES, GB,  groupjudge was Mr Tore Fossum, N.

Drover's Roll Those Dice BIS puppy at Swedish OES  Clubs national 18.08.96. The judge was Mrs Charlott Sandberg, S.

INT, FIN, S, DK CH Shaggybob's Balloo Satin winning  BIG 1 at Helsinki Int'l 03.12.95. The judge was Mr Carl-Johan  Adlercreutz, S. Matilda ended up as BIS 4.

INT, FIN, S, DK CH FINW-92,-96 NORDW-95 Drover's Or  Nothing BIG 1 at Stockholm Int'l December -95. The judge was Mrs  Glenda Cook, Aust.

INT CH Drover's Or Nothing BIG 1 at Helsinki 09.07.95  under Mrs Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, D. Orwell ended up as BIS 4.

BIS breeders group at Monaco -95.

INT CH Drover's Or Nothing BIS 2 at Nice Int'l -94  under Mr Giuseppe Alessandra, I.

INT CH Drover's Or Nothing BIS at Hamina 30.01.94 under  Mr Eduardo Wallace, Port.

Shaggybob's Balloo Satin BIS at Forssa 25.07.93 under  Mr Tore Fossum, N.

Shaggybob's Balloo Satin BIS puppy at Turku Int'l  January -93 under Mr Max Winch, Aust.

BIS breeders group at Vantaa May -92.

INT CH Drover's King Himselfs progeny group wining BIG  2 at European winner show in Helsinki-91. Dogs fr left are; King  Himself, INT CH Current's Brandy Cobbler, INT CH Grey Coat's After  the King, FIN CH Drover's Lady Chatterley and FIN CH Drover's Milly  Mistletoe. 

BIS breeders group at the Finnish Winner show -89. Dogs  fr left are: Kiss of Fire, Charming-Girl, I Alexandrovits ja King  Himself, all International champions.

INT, NORD, DK CH FINW-89,-90 Drover's King Himself BIS  at Helsinki Int'l fall -89. The BIS judge was Mrs Carla Molinari,  Port.

BIS breeders group at Espoo August -88. Dogs fr left  are: INT CH Kiss of Fire, NORD CH Just Amanda, INT CH Charming-Girl  and INT CH King Himself.

INT, NORD CH FINW-80 NORDW-80 Playmate's Charming-Boy  BIS at Espoo summer -78. The judges were Mrs Joan Real, Tynycoed OES,  GB (breed) and Mr Atkins, GB (BIS).