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Australian Shepherd has interested us as a breed already for several years. We admired pictures from magazines and thought that some day we will have an Aussie! Years passed by with Old English Sheepdogs but seeing the first Aussie "on live" was so unforgettable experience that the decision on purchasing an Aussie was made. This dog was swedish owned US imported red merle male FIN, DK CH SW-94,-98,-99 NORDW-95,-99 KBHW-98,-99 Gefions Khount Down. Year was something like 1995-96 and it was some outdoor show on summertime. We were watching the group finals and there it was: this sound dog with fabulous movement and calm expression.

We wanted to have a breed with less inherited health problems and some less coat than OES but we still wanted that great character of a herding breed. We started to surf on internet and followed what was going on in Aussie world and the breeding programs of some kennels became more and more familiar. During this time we found what kind of an Aussie was the one we liked and very often when we found some dog we liked it happened to have dogs from those few same kennels on his pedigree. We started to think that maybe it was best to buy our puppy from a Finnish breeder who was working with those lines we liked because Finland had made it forbidden to show dogs which had docked tails. Bying the puppy from Finland made it possible for us to choose our puppy from a litter. We have always had a principle that we never buy a puppy unless we like both of his/her parents. We had seen both "Clinton" and "Inka" at shows and when they had a litter together woke our interest up. Finally, on October 2001 came our first Aussie into our house. But for sure Tres Colores Gabrielina, aka "Pinja" is not the last Aussie.

In April 29th 2004 Pinja whelped her first litter and Gösta, Drover's Attent'n Please was left home and from Pinja's second litter in June 15th 2006 we kept Thyra, Drover's Crown Jewel. Shannon whelped a litter out of Gösta in July 2007 and we kept Albin, Drover's Evrybodys Talkn at home. During the spring of 2008 we started to look for a red tri NBT bitch puppy. We found Elle from France. Her breeder offered us also one little red merle girl whom we fell in a heartbeat. So Edith was to come to Finland too. Both girls arrived to Helsinki late June of 2008. Edith lives with us and Elle lives with Kielo, Drover's Almost Unreal.

If you want to read more about our doggiehistory from the last 37+ years go to OES pages and click history.

Satu began judging 1993 and is licensed to judge 17 breeds from herding group (FCI 1) and tibetan terriers from FCI group 9.